habits to maintain your home cleaned

You’d think if you stay in the house, you’re safe from germs and illness. But at home can be found most bacteria that you come in daily contact. A thorough cleaning becomes paramount if you are due to vacate a property. You can easily find end of tenancy cleaning London prices to get an estimate which will surely ease your decision making. Cleaningestimate.co.uk can help you in this regard. If you decide to do it yourselfhere are the house objects that are dirtier than you think and that you always skip from cleaning because you don’t even suspect it’s  not clean:

Kitchen sponge. The moist environment in which lies, and food debris that is in the fibers, lead to the rapid growth of bacteria and microbes. These pathogens can reach the cutlery and crockery but also on your hands. Once they have penetrated the body, you risk serious digestive disorders. It is recommended as a once a week to replace kitchen sponge with a new one. If not, you can disinfect the old holding for 10 minutes in boiling water.

Doorknob handles. You open daily the refrigerator, cabinet doors, the oven door, drawers, windows and doors of your home from home. Handles and grips are full of bacteria and microbes, more so as they are not handled with only you, but also for other members of your family. Do you remember when you last cleaned and disinfected the furniture handles? If not, you should arm yourself with patience and time and hurry to clean.

The cutting board. Once you have sliced pieces of raw meat, wash it thoroughly with hot water and dish soap. Then you can use for cutting vegetables, fruit, sausages, etc. Otherwise, any bacteria that are found in meat infest food, and you risk to get sick seriously. Attention, therefore, at the cross-contamination!

Bath mat. You bring up the mess from other rooms that you have walked. On the other hand, it happens to wet with water when you shower, use the bathroom or sink. Moreover, to consider and moist environment unless you vent window. All this leads to the growth of bacteria, microbes and even mold spores in textile fibers. Bath mat should be washed in a washing machine at high temperature.

Makeup brushes. In their texture is a large amount of sebum, dead cells, dust mites, dust, contaminants and residues left by makeup. Once they come into contact with the skin can trigger allergies, rashes and acne. Also, the brushes you use when you Brow can lead to eye infections.

Toothbrush. Because it is kept in the bathroom, on the sink which is next to the toilet, brush can be infested even with feces. Thus, it is recommended that every few months to replace toothbrush with a new one. Keep it in a plastic holder as far away from the toilet.

Mobile phone. The mobile phone is among the dirtiest objects that we daily hand but you forget to clean it. It is left on the table, desk, kept in the purse, in your pocket, and some people take it with them to the bathroom. Not to say that our phone can be used by other people who have dirty hands. Thus, on its screen microbes and bacteria that develop may affect your health and skin.

Remote. It is used by all your family members and other people coming into your home. If you look carefully, you’ll realize how dirty it is. We all get our hands on it, and our hands are dirty. It’s a matter of time until we get sick. Attention to small children! They stick in their mouth objects that should stay away from them.

The shopping bag. You use it every time when you go to the market or the supermarket. You put in it diverse food: meat, bread, vegetables and fruit. Over time, its interior is kept leaking juices from food (meat, cheese), is soiled by dust or soil from vegetables (potatoes, carrots). Microbes and bacteria that develop in fabric bags infest your food that you want to eat.

Beware of door frame! When you broom or vacuuming, a large amount of dust rises into the air and lies on the door frame and cupboards. The mistake you make is that you don’t usually clean this area. Thus, it is no wonder that here gathers mess, especially if we talk about the kitchen door. Dust, impurities in the air, excessive moisture and fat particles form a sticky layer on the surface, which is quite difficult to remove. It is recommended that once a week to clean carefully the door frames of your house.